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Update January 2012

Well, hello and happy new year to everybody!

Right now, we are about to finish the work on our new release, Structure 24 – Cycle 1.  We still hope to release it online for Valentine Day but if we can’t make it on time, it shouldn’t be later than March! We also took the decision to transfer the song Exhibition on Structure 24 – Cycle 1. This song was originally composed to be a single and also to be our first video. We later decided to add it to Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling but we always felt the song was a little out-of-place on this album. Also, we started filming the clip a while ago and we can’t wait to release it so, there you go! The song is now part of Structure 24! It is a more logical choice!

Have a nice day!

“Sans nous, il n’y a personne”


J. Bannon