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We’re sorry that we didn’t give a lot of news in the past few months but you can rest assured that we are working day and night on new projects and new music! Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling is in the final stage of production but we were forced to put it on hold for different reasons. Nevertheless, since it is hard for us to just stop and wait, we decided, in the meantime, to create something else. The result is STRUCTURE 24; a trilogy (each cycle consisting of 8 songs) that will only be available online (for now, anyway). The first cycle is schedule for February 14th! Yep! Valentine day! It will be available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc, etc.

We are very excited about these new songs and can’t wait to show you our new direction.

In others news, we recently moved in a new jam space where we are “constructing” the performance for the launch of Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling, later in 2012. You will also see a few Skeleton Trees videos in the next few months, one to be released, we hope, at the same time than STRUCTURE 24. The video for Exhibition is also pretty much done but since this is a song from BTFATDC, we decided to postpone the release. It will be released maybe 1-2 months before the album.

We would like to thank everybody for their support and for their patience!

Have a nice day (or night)!

J. Bannon