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We are back!

Welcome to the official Skeleton Trees website!

This is probably a temporary website but we feel it is a lot better than the landing page we were using in the past few months! :0)  A new design might get launch around the same time than we will release the 2nd album.

We are now working on the 2nd album and the title is Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling.  A very different album to be sure but we felt we had to move forward and avoid repeating Season of Mists. The tempos are a little faster, the songs are shorter and maybe a little more aggressive. 16 songs altogether! On the other hand, the new album is still very conceptual and not too joyful; can’t escape that! :0)

Also coming, before the end of 2011 (we hope), our first video clip for a song called Exhibition (most of the footage are already done!), a live performance in Montreal for the launch of this 2nd opus and we are also trying to create some kind of film; a mixture between live performances and avant-garde cinema.

So, the best is still to come!

Oh and we might be looking for filmmakers to collaborate with!

Until later, have a nice day!

J. Bannon


Photo by Brokenwood.