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Structure 24 – Opus 1






01. Ensorcelé
02. Exhibition
03. La Mort
04. Causality
05. L’épave des Songes
06. A Dream of You
07. At Dawn
08. From a Distance
09. L’orchidée Noire
10. Poupée de Larmes
11. Noises From a Static Dream
12. Il Pleut


Alice Morrison: Vocals
J. Bannon: Electric Guitars, Keyboards and Programming.
Jean-David Brouillette: Electric Bass.
Ian D’Amours: Drums.

Electronic Drums on tracks 02, 03 & 06 by William D’Agostino.

All music and Lyrics composed by J. Bannon except track 03 composed by J. Bannon and William D’Agostino.

Arrangements by J. Bannon, Alice Morrison & Jean-David Brouillette.

Engineered and mixed by J. Bannon at Moondawn Studio.

Mastered by Ryan Morey.

Produced by J. Bannon and Alice Morrison for Les Productions Kaivalya.

Executive producers: Alice Morrison, J. Bannon & Jean-David Brouillette

Art direction and design by Annie Lestourneau.

Special thanks to:
Francis Prévost, Jean-François Morin, Martin Pilon, Oscar Jurado, Pierre-François Bouffard, Guillaume II André, Marc Lamothe, Diane et Pierre Bannon, Ryan Clarke, Laurent Couture, Pascal Pilote, Julie Borges, Pierre L’Heureux and all our families, friends and supporters.

“Sans nous, il n’y a personne”.

©2013 Skeleton Trees ℗2013 Skeleton Trees

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Season of Mists







01. Intro (Whispers in the Wind)

02. The Obscuration of Dreams

03. Black Moon Rising

04. A Tear in the Fabric of Time

05. Her Home in Every Mirror

06. Shadows (Part 1-3)

07. Inside Her Cave

08. Lady of the Snow

09. Wail of the Banshees

10. Dead Leaves River


Alice Morrison: Vocals

J. Bannon: Keyboards, Samplers, Programming and Electric Guitars.

Jean-David Brouillette: Electric Bass.

Jennifer Béliveau: Electric and acoustic Violins.

Ian D’Amours: Drums.

Ryan Clarke: Electric Guitars.

Steve Otis: Additional Electric Guitars on track 02.

All lyrics by J. Bannon.

All music composed by J. Bannon except:

-Track 03 by J. Bannon and Alice Morrison.

-Track 06 by J. Bannon and Jean-David Brouillette.

Arrangements by Skeleton Trees.

Engineered and mixed by J. Bannon at Moondawn Studio, assisted by William D’Agostino.

Mastered by Pierre Rémillard at Wild Studio.

Produced by J. Bannon and Jean-David Brouillette for Les Productions Kaivalya.

Art direction, photography and design by Annie Lestourneau, pre production by Francis Gingras.

Special thanks to: Martin Pilon, Stéphanie Gagnon, Nick Brygidyr, Francis Prévost, Michelle La Rocque, Katia Chouinard, Laurent Couture, Gilles Vachon, Francoise Ménard, Robert Lestourneau, Riccardo Melfi, the entire pre-testing group, our families and everybody who has supported us through the years.

©2009 Skeleton Trees

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