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Update november 2012


Tonight, we released the first video from the upcoming 2nd album, Structure 24 – Opus 1. The video is for the song Exhibition.

The digital version of the album will be released on Bandcamp next week and the CD version should be ready for december. We’re also working on a digital EP for february. The title is “Paper Moon” and it will contain 5 new songs.

Thank you and have a great day!



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Structure 24 – Opus 1 in 6 minutes

Hello everyone!
The 2nd album is finally done! It will be released next fall on CD and online! Meanwhile, you can hear a special preview right here! It’s a 6 minutes montage which contains a 30 seconds sample from each of the 12 songs. Enjoy!



01. Ensorcelé – 5:27
02. Exhibition – 4:27
03. La Mort – 2:32
04. Causality – 4:38
05. L’épave Des Songes – 3:35
06. A Dream of You – 4:01
07. At Dawn – 2:58
08. From A Distance – 3:47
09. L’orchidée Noire – 3:44
10. Poupée De Larmes – 3:17
11. Noises From A Static Dream – 2:13
12. Il Pleut – 4:32

Running Time: 45:42

– Alice Morrison: Vocals
– J. Bannon: Electric Guitars, Keyboards and Programming.
– Jean-David Brouillette: Electric Bass.
– Ian D’Amours: Drums.

Electronic Drums on tracks 02, 03 & 06 by William D’Agostino.

All music and Lyrics composed by J. Bannon except track 03 composed by J. Bannon and William D’Agostino.
Arrangements by J. Bannon, Alice Morrison & Jean-David Brouillette.
Engineered and mixed by J. Bannon at Moondawn Studio.

Produced by J. Bannon and Alice Morrison for Les Productions Kaivalya.
Executive producers: Alice Morrison, Jean-David Brouillette & J. Bannon.

Art direction and design by Annie Lestourneau.

“Sans nous, il n’y a personne”.

©2012 Skeleton Trees

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Update for July 2012

Hello everybody,

We’ve decided to release Structure 24 as a real physical CD;  so, this is actually the reason for the delay! :0) The mixes are done and ready for mastering and the graphics for the package are almost done! The videoclip is also pretty much done!

More news coming very soon!

“Sans nous, il n’y a personne”

J. Bannon

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Update January 2012

Well, hello and happy new year to everybody!

Right now, we are about to finish the work on our new release, Structure 24 – Cycle 1.  We still hope to release it online for Valentine Day but if we can’t make it on time, it shouldn’t be later than March! We also took the decision to transfer the song Exhibition on Structure 24 – Cycle 1. This song was originally composed to be a single and also to be our first video. We later decided to add it to Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling but we always felt the song was a little out-of-place on this album. Also, we started filming the clip a while ago and we can’t wait to release it so, there you go! The song is now part of Structure 24! It is a more logical choice!

Have a nice day!

“Sans nous, il n’y a personne”


J. Bannon


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We’re sorry that we didn’t give a lot of news in the past few months but you can rest assured that we are working day and night on new projects and new music! Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling is in the final stage of production but we were forced to put it on hold for different reasons. Nevertheless, since it is hard for us to just stop and wait, we decided, in the meantime, to create something else. The result is STRUCTURE 24; a trilogy (each cycle consisting of 8 songs) that will only be available online (for now, anyway). The first cycle is schedule for February 14th! Yep! Valentine day! It will be available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc, etc.

We are very excited about these new songs and can’t wait to show you our new direction.

In others news, we recently moved in a new jam space where we are “constructing” the performance for the launch of Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling, later in 2012. You will also see a few Skeleton Trees videos in the next few months, one to be released, we hope, at the same time than STRUCTURE 24. The video for Exhibition is also pretty much done but since this is a song from BTFATDC, we decided to postpone the release. It will be released maybe 1-2 months before the album.

We would like to thank everybody for their support and for their patience!

Have a nice day (or night)!

J. Bannon

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We are back!

Welcome to the official Skeleton Trees website!

This is probably a temporary website but we feel it is a lot better than the landing page we were using in the past few months! :0)  A new design might get launch around the same time than we will release the 2nd album.

We are now working on the 2nd album and the title is Between the Floor and the Downstairs Ceiling.  A very different album to be sure but we felt we had to move forward and avoid repeating Season of Mists. The tempos are a little faster, the songs are shorter and maybe a little more aggressive. 16 songs altogether! On the other hand, the new album is still very conceptual and not too joyful; can’t escape that! :0)

Also coming, before the end of 2011 (we hope), our first video clip for a song called Exhibition (most of the footage are already done!), a live performance in Montreal for the launch of this 2nd opus and we are also trying to create some kind of film; a mixture between live performances and avant-garde cinema.

So, the best is still to come!

Oh and we might be looking for filmmakers to collaborate with!

Until later, have a nice day!

J. Bannon


Photo by Brokenwood.



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