La Métamorphose (Part 1-3)

  • Released: 01/28/2013
  • Format: Digital






01. La Métamorphose Part 1

02. La Métamorphose Part 2

03. La Métamorphose Part 3


La Métamorphose is a new concept by Skeleton Trees. The idea is to create music without words which has its roots in avant-garde and experimental music. Each movement is based on repetitive patterns which evolve gradually into more complex structures.The first 3 parts were composed for the art preview of Montreal’s artist Ramis Valente. The music was directly influenced by Valente’s paintings and is a musical representation of the artist’s creative process.
Alice Morrison: Vocals.
J.Bannon: Keyboards, Drums Programming on tracks 1 and 3, Electric Guitars  and Additional Vocals on track 1.
Jean-David Brouillette: Electric Bass.
Oscar Jurado: Electric Guitars (Lead).

Drums Programming on tracks 02 by William D’Agostino.

All music composed by J.Bannon except track 02 composed by J.Bannon and William D’Agostino.

Arrangements by Skeleton Trees.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by J.Bannon at Moondawn Studio.

Produced by J.Bannon and Alice Morrison for Les Productions Kaivalya.

Art direction, photography and cover design by Annie Lestourneau. Paintings by Ramis Valente.

Special thanks to our friend Ramis Valente, whose art was the main influence for the music on this recording.

“Sans nous, il n’y a personne.”

©2013 Skeleton Trees